Alpha Helix Elite Sarms

Introducing one of the latest SARMS supplement to create a buzz in the sports and bodybuilding industry. The novel compound YK11 is a DHT derivative and the active ingredient of Elite Sarms Alpha Helix.

Initially created at Toho University in Japan, YK11’s mechanism of action is quite unique and makes it a perfect addition to your existing SARMS stack or sports supplements.

First - YK11 works as an agonist to the androgen receptors of your muscles to promote growth;

Second - YK11 stimulates the production of follistatin which antagonizes Myostatin- a muscle inhibitor. This results to massive increases in strength and muscle mass.

This makes Elite SARMs Alpha Helix YK11 an excellent add-on especially for SARMS enthusiasts to bring their physique transformations to a higher level.

Elite Sarms Alpha Helix (YK11) works compatibly with Physique 400 (LGD 4033), Tight (Rad 140), and GH Pep (MK677) to bring mass and bulk gains beyond an individual’s potential. What’s special about this combination is that while the previous SARMs powerfully stimulate androgen receptors to develop new muscle tissues, YK11 on the other end stops myostatin’s actions to oppose further development of the muscle fibers. So when one’s physiology starts to limit results you can get from training and the use of SARMs and other supplements, YK11 stretches an individual’s genetic potential for better outcomes.

Research studies show YK11 is also proven to shred body fat making Elite SARMs Alpha Helix a good add-on to the fat-burning abilities of Hyper Lean (SR9009) and Cardio-Shred (GW501516).

Similar to the actions of Stanazine (S4) and Decavar (MK2866), YK11 has documented osteogenic activity that adds to the power of these well-known compounds to increase bone density and cortical mass.

Elite SARMs Alpha Helix YK11 is one of the most forthcoming SARMs on the market with the many benefits and lack of side effects compared to various health risks ascribed to prohormones and anabolic steroids. Being an effective and powerful product, it’s truly a biohacking supplement that works by exceeding an individual’s innate capacity.


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